Brain Equalizer

Static/Dynamic Auditory Beats generators - create dynamic Auditory Beats sounds (Binaural, Isochronic or monaural waves) where the frequency carrier is derived from the musical scales or freely adjustable.      

Binaural Beethoven Pro

* 11 sonatas (more then 3 hours of audio) * 9 harmonic progressive binaural beats sessions (each session about 30 minutes) * 13 natural sounds * standard timer available    

Binaural Beethoven Lite

Lite version of Binaural Beethoven app offers 3 of the Beethoven's sonatas(electronically remastered by Pro Tools studio), 3 progressive binaural beats sessions, and 3 natural sounds, to mix-up together. Timer is available as well. InApps available to buy parts of pro version.