Medical restrictions for Binaural Beethoven and Brain Equalizer

Both mentioned apps generates Binaural Beats and those might be possibly dangerous for some people like Cardiac patients who have experienced irregular heartbeat issues, especially those who have a pacemaker installed, should consult their medical practitioner before using binaural beat...

Binaural Beethoven Lite crashes

 If  you are having trouble with Binaural Beethoven Lite that use to crash, please make sure you are using the latest iOS.  

What are the actual binaural tones/frequencies used in Binaural Beethoven Pro sessions?

      *Brain Starter - 6 stages, 4 basic frequencies  getting in the session to the higher tones, should help you to wake you up ** independent carrier (100 - 140 Hz)  at frequencies (1.5 - 4 Hz)  ** independent carrier range (200 - 350 Hz)  at...